“We walked mainly at night. We would rest during the day and walk at night, mainly because it was too hot during the day. We walked three nights and two days. That last day, that’s when we were caught by immigration officials.”

Gabriel, 14, from Puebla, Mexico, telling of his journey through the Sonora desert.


CHILDREN IN NO MAN’S LAND is a documentary that uncovers the current plight of the 100,000 unaccompanied minors entering the United States every year. This film gives this timely political debate about the U.S./Mexico border a human face by exploring the story of Maria de Jesus (13) and her cousin Rene (12) as they attempt to cross the U.S./Mexico border alone to reunite with their mothers in the Midwest. Focusing on minors crossing through the Sonora Desert area in Nogales, Arizona, this film explores every detail of these children’s journey as well as the journeys of other children we meet on the way. We uncover in an intimate and personal way where they are coming from, what their journeys have been like, and how they’ve gone about making the United States of America their new home.